ReGroup What We Do

What We Do

            We provide single mothers and single fathers with independent living skills to be better role models for their children and within their community.  We make them employable by teaching them the skills they need to not only do the job, but keep the job.

We hold the following trainings:

Computer Training:  Parents will be trained in the usage of Microsoft Office (i.e. Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access), and depending on their skill level some possible accounting software such as Quicken or Quickbooks.

Money Management: Parents will be shown how to write checks, balance checkbooks, budget funds and will open their own checking account.  

Time Management: Parens will be shown how to micro manage their time for their tasks at work and how to apply that same skill to their daily activities at home.

Independent living Training:  Parents will be shown how to pay bills, shop for groceries, prepare healthy meals, and maintain their household.

While providing these trainings, parent’s become employed, are helped to maintain their sobriety if substance use has been an issue, receive therapeutic support from services both within and outside of the program, as well as support as they gradually transition their children back into their lives, slowly taking back their lives.

While training the single mothers and fathers, we help them to engage with their children as they gradually transition them back into their parent’s lives in a more stable environment.

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