LGBTQ+ Emergency Shelter and Transitional Program

Creating Options from Opportunities 

“Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer young adults are more than twice as likely to experience homelessness as their non-LGBTQ peers. They are also at greater risk for experiencing high levels of hardship, including higher rates of assault, of exchanging sex for basic needs, and of early death” (Chapin Hall, 2020)”. 

Our Mission

The goal of the LGBTQ Emergency Shelter is to provide emergency housing for the LGBTQ+population where they can feel safe and protected from not only the elements of the environment, but also from the elements of hate crimes.

The goal of the LGBT Homeless transitional program is to provide members of the LGBTQ population a safe environment where they can comfortably adjust back into society while learning independent living skills and skills to make them more employable, empowering them to be more self-sustaining upon their completion of the program.

Our Emergency Shelter

Our emergency shelter provides 1 night stays in a safe environment.  To continue their stay, individuals must check in by 4:00 pm or they will lose their bed.  Breakfast and dinner will be provided.  Individuals are expected to leave the shelter by 9:00 am. Case management services are available

Our Transitional Program

Our 18-month transitional program provides a safe environment for participants to focus on learning independent living skills and skills to be employed while working with staff sensitive to the needs of the LGBTQ+ population. 

Participants will be transitioned from the shelter into the transitional program via case management referral.  Room assignments in the house will be according to how the individual identifies.  Participant safety and comfortability is our first priority.

Participants will eventually transition into their own residence upon successful completion of the program.

In loving Memory of Elisha Stanley, a women who loved life and gave to those she loved!