Under Our Own Wind

Coming in 2022!

In many instances, the LGBTQ population is not safe in a regular homeless environment. An emergency homeless shelter is available along with a transitional program for individuals from the shelter.  This program ensures that those in the LGBTQ population are afforded the same opportunities in a safe environment with staff that is sensitive to the needs of the varied population.

The homeless problem in Washington, DC is a growing concern for everyone.  Assisting individuals in attaining housing is not the only issue.  Helping them maintain housing once it is acquired is a bigger one. UOW is a two division program that is focused on providing individuals with the necessary skills to be able to do just that.

This Program is created in loving memory of Elisha Stanley... a sister that never saw those she loved go without!

Our transitional 18 month program will assist homeless individuals who are looking to re-acclimate themselves back into regular society and provide them the opportunity and skills to do so.