Our Programs


This program will provide transitional support services to both single mothers and single fathers to decrease the risk of re-entry and provide a stable foundation for families to thrive. Through our transitional services, we will rebuild the family, rebuild their initiative, and rebuild hope.

Under Our Own Wind

U.O.O.W. will focus on independent living skills, employability skills, and housing. Bringing our homeless back into the folds of society and showing them just how truly valuable they really are.

S.M.W. wants to make an impacting change on felon re-entry statistics. S.M.W. offers an extensive transitional program that will train and reform these individuals to becoming productive members of society with a positive outlook on their future. This is a one-time entry program.

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Subsidiary Programs

Subsidiary Programs are programs that are not direct programs of BOI Inc., but we lend the use of our 501c3 for fundraising purposes.  If you wish to apply to be a subsidiary program, please click below to make a request.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to start your own company providing a service we can use? BOI is about independence and supporting our community! Let's see how we can help support you!

Entrepreneur Program

Show Me the Way


This program will focus on the youth of our community and mentoring through the use of varied arts programs as well as working with seniors.  This is our only program that is not transitional.