Better Off Independent Inc. (BOI Inc.) mission is to provide individual and family support to the Washington, DC community. BOI Inc. was founded in November, 2013. BOI Inc. will serve individuals and families who live in Washington, DC. The organization was founded to address a number of challenges in the Washington, DC community. We have several programs that are provided to service the community!!

 Families Support-ReGroup Program: Three key dynamics are associated with the increasing number of children in foster care: higher rates of entry into foster care than of exit from care; high rates of re-entry into care; and placement of children in foster care through other systems. (US Department of Human Services). In addition, more than 40% of target area families are led by single parents (2000 U.S. Census). This program will provide transitional support services to both the child and mother to decrease the risk of re-entry and provide a stable foundation for families to thrive.

Felon Re-entry program- Show Me the Way: Every year hundreds of people are released from jail and every year hundreds of people join the ranks of the homeless and the unemployed. The program wants to make an impacting change on those statistics. SMW offers an extensive halfway house program that will train and reform these individuals to becoming productive members of society with a positive outlook on their future. Completion of the program may promise expungement of charges, pending political review. This program is for individuals with drug possession and distribution and lesser charges on a first or second offense only! This is a one-time entry program. We do not assist violent-crime offenders.

Homeless Program – Under Our Own Wings (UOW) The 2013 Point-in-Time Enumeration resulted in a total count of 11,547 literally homeless individuals. (MWCG, 2013) Homelessness is a nationwide problem that seems to have fallen through the cracks and overshadowed by what has been deemed as more important issues, however, our homeless continue to suffer.

On another level of homelessness is our LGBT population.  The struggle for safety among this population in the homeless community is real.  Not only do we offer a safe refuge from the streets, but we offer passage into a transitional program that will assist with stabilization and empowerment of the LGBT population.  These programs will focus on independent living skills, employability skills, and housing. Bringing our homeless back into the folds of society.

Future Endeavors - It is our dream to strengthen and empowerr our community through the use of transitional programs to lead them to a brighter future,.  We will not stop, we will keep growing.  As there is a need, we will find a way to fulfill it.

OUR POINT!!!!! If you believe in our cause and the people we are trying to help, please give to a worthy organization!! Your donations will be tax deductible!!

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